SGUS JOMAN for Compliance Management in Advanced Manufacturing


The 6-month JOMAN for Compliance Management in Advanced Manufacturing is designed to equip trainees with the professional skills and knowledge to fulfil Managerial roles in the area of Quality Assurance, Workplace Safety and Health in the manufacturing sector. This 6-month programme will be developing both the interpersonal and behavioural skills, and imparting highly desirable technical skillsets such as supply chain management, personal data protection act and contract management to the trainees. A combination of classroom/virtual training modules and industry projects/ attachments will allow them to execute and maximise the potential as they face the new and emerging technology in this sector.

Potential Job Roles

  • Quality Assurance Manager
  • Quality Control Manager
  • Workplace Safety and Health Manager

Core Modules

S/N Module Title Delivered by Duration (Hrs)
1 System Leadership SIM 18
2 Design Thinking and Lean Stack SIM 18
3 Practical Digital Leadership for Managers Yellow Pages Academy 18
4 Agile Leadership and Leading SAFe© with SA Certification Why Innovation! 18
5 Scrum Product Owner with PSPO I Certification Why Innovation! 12
6 Smart Manufacturing: Industry 4.0 for Managers Yellow Pages Academy 12
7 Internet-Of-Things (IOT) Management for Manufacturing Yellow Pages Academy 12
8 Data Science to Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Managers DataVLT 24
9 Cyber Security Management for Manufacturing FireEye 12
10 Fusion 360: CAD, CAM & CAE for Managers Autodesk 18
11 Generative Design for Additive Manufacturing for Managers Autodesk 18

Specialisation Modules

S/N Module Title Delivered by Duration (Hrs)
1 Strategic Supply Chain Management for Managers ArcBlue 12
2 Blockchain 101 for Managers Tribe Accelerator 12
3 Fundamentals of the Personal Data Protection Act (for Managers) SIM 12
4 Business Contract Law for Non-legal Managers SIM 12
5 Managing Supplier Contracts for Managers ArcBlue 12